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  • BHB Salts – Waste of money, or not? 9 May 2019 BHB Salts - Waste of money, or not?BHB salts are the latest craze in the ketogenic supplements market. Apparently, they can help you get into ketosis instantly. No need for a strict ... Read more
  • Metabolic Syndrome vs Slow Metabolism 26 January 2019 Metabolic Syndrome vs Slow MetabolismMetabolic resistance, metabolic syndrome, slow metabolism… These terms are often mentioned as indications for low-carb and Keto lifestyles. But what do they actually mean? Let’s look into ... Read more
  • Fat vs protein on Keto 10 January 2019 Fat vs protein on KetoFat vs protein on Keto – what’s more important? Some people claim fat is the key macro to watch. Their mantra is “You must eat ... Read more
  • What is Clean Keto? 8 January 2019 What is Clean Keto?“Clean Keto” vs “Dirty Keto” is the latest debate amongst the adepts of ketogenic lifestyle. So what does clean Keto actually mean? Keto diet is not ... Read more
  • How to Get into Ketosis Faster 7 January 2019 How to Get into Ketosis FasterStarted Keto – but struggling to get into ketosis? You are not alone. Most people make the switch within 1-2 weeks. But for some of us, ... Read more
  • Keto Diet: What to Expect 6 January 2019 Keto Diet: What to Expect Keto Diet is growing more popular, with millions of devoted followers singing its praises. One possible downside of this popularity is unrealistic expectations. As a first-timer, ... Read more
  • Sugar cravings on Keto: How to fight back with supplements 20 October 2018 Sugar Cravings Supplements On Keto and struggling with sugar cravings? It’s a common problem, especially in the beginning. Keto helps to break your addiction to sugar, so some ... Read more
  • Almond Flour and Ground Almonds – Same or Not?   15 August 2018 Almond flour, ground almonds, almond meal… Are they all the same? Unfortunately not. As I have discovered through trial and error, there are a few things ... Read more
  • The Dark Side of Sweeteners 24 May 2018 The Dark Side of Sweeteners Do you often indulge in low-carb cakes, Keto bars and other sweet treats? Well, they are sugar-free – so it’s not a problem, right? Unfortunately, ... Read more

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