Getting started

If you would like to lose weight on a low-carb diet, you have come to the right place!  Browse through our articles to learn more about available options.

Get started: Losing weight on a low-carb diet

Know the basics – Read an overview of low carb diets to get a better idea of how they work.
Choose a plan – Browse through descriptions of diet plans and choose one that suits you.
Buy the book on your chosen diet plan and read it thoroughly (while we do get a small advertising fee for directing you to Amazon, this is NOT why we are recommending this – it is genuinely important to know exactly what the guidelines are for your chosen plan).
Learn about low-carb food – Use this website to find out practical tips for choosing food on a low carb diet.
Exercise – Diet alone is not enough. For best weight loss results, you will also need to exercise. If you don’t already do so regularly, find out how to start exercising.
Stick to your diet – This will require willpower and motivation. Read more about these crucial success factors in our motivation section

Consult your doctor

Always consult your GP or another qualified medical practitioner before starting a new diet and exercise programme, if any of the following apply:

  • you have a medical condition or are under medical supervision for any reason
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • your BMI is over 30
  • you would like to lose over 25% of your current weight
  • you are under 18 or over 60 years old
  • you have any other concerns or questions about weight loss in general or low carb dieting in particular

Be Honest with Yourself

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