About us

Supporting and promoting low-carb lifestyles

Our mission is to make low-carb diets easy, enjoyable and effective.

We firmly believe that low-carb is vastly superior to standard diets – both for weight loss and for long-term health.

We can help you to:

  • switch to a low-carb diet quickly and painlessly
  • stay healthy and happy throughout your weight loss
  • continue with low-carb lifestyle after you reach your target weight

Our philosophy – Keep it as simple as possible

We know you are busy and have many commitments to worry about. No one has the luxury of focusing just on their diet.

We always aim to save your time and effort.

Our recipes are quick and easy to prepare, requiring only a few simple ingredients.

Our articles give you the practical information you need, without boring unnecessary details or scientific jargon.

Founder’s story

“I’ve struggled with excess weight since I was a kid. My biggest problem was food cravings. I’d get hungry – properly ravenously hungry – every couple of hours, even after a big meal.
I was constantly snacking, usually on sugary treats and junk food. Fruit (“nature’s candy”) was another favourite.
Back in those days, the supermarket was about 10 minutes away from my house. Often, I could not control myself for that long. On my way back, I’d grab a biscuit or a chocolate bar from my shopping bag and scoff it while walking.
I tried to diet. But low-fat and low-calorie diets seemed impossible. I attempted WeightWatchers, SlimmingWorld, LighterLife, SlimFast… My record was two days.
Thankfully, in 2007 I came across Dr Atkins book. I was sceptical at first. But it transformed my life. I lost weight, regained my energy and broke my addiction to sugar. My blood glucose stopped zigzagging. Hunger – my lifelong companion – simply went away.
Over the years, I educated myself about nutrition and low-carb diets. I became a committed advocate of the low-carb lifestyle. My blog grew into a big website with thousands of followers. My mission now is to help others break their addiction to carbs and switch to a healthy low-carb lifestyle.
In addition to running this website, I also started my own business in this field. Nutri-Align develops targeted nutritional supplements for low-carb dieters.
I still love to eat. But I am no longer a slave to food. And I have not given up on sweet treats. I just use sweeteners instead of sugar (erythritol/Stevia mix is my go-to option).
I go a bit crazy with low-carb desserts, constantly experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. My triple chocolate cake has fooled many people, successfully concealing its sugar-free nature.
And yes – in case you are wondering – sugar-free chocolate is OK on low-carb. I could not cope without chocolate!”
– Megan 

Nutri-Align Low-Carb Diet Supplements

You can buy Nutri-Align supplements directly from our online supplement shop, on Amazon and from health food retailers in the UK.



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