Why I choose a low-carb lifestyle

Low-carb food photoIs your diet healthy and good for you? Are you 100% sure – and if yes, how do you know?
The world is full of information, research and advice – often confusing and contradictory. There is still no general consensus on low-carb vs low-fat: the debate rages on, and multiple scientific studies are available to support both camps.
Unless you are a nutrition scientist yourself, there is little hope of being able to form an informed opinion.
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Track your progress the old-fashioned way: monthly wallchart

Food and exercise wallchartWhatever your goals are, tracking progress along the way is vital for success.
This is especially true of weight-loss and fitness goals, where change is gradual and not noticeable day-by-day, but you must keep going for a period of time before the difference become apparent.
Keeping a record of how well you are doing can help to keep you motivated. There are hundreds of apps and gadgets out there to help you keep track of your food intake and exercise.  On a daily basis, these are really great methods of record-keeping.
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