Simple Mind Hack to Fight Cravings

low-carb diet mind hackWeight loss is hard, even if you have found the right diet that works for you.

You can educate and motivate yourself through diet books, blog posts, videos and online communities.

But you might still fail. Because it all comes down to one crucial factor – your impulse control.

Can you ignore your sugar cravings? Or your desire to have a treat – right now? Keep reading “Simple Mind Hack to Fight Cravings”

8 Ways You Sabotage Your Low-Carb Diet without Realising

Top Low Carb Diet Mistakes You’ve been on low-carb diet for a while. At first, it was great. Pounds were melting off. You had lots of energy. You were eating delicious food and not feeling hungry. The best diet ever!

But then your weight loss stopped. What went wrong?

One of the common low-carb diet mistakes below might have derailed you. These mistakes are easy to make if you are not paying attention. Any one of them can sabotage your diet and prevent weight loss. Keep reading “8 Ways You Sabotage Your Low-Carb Diet without Realising”

Ten Top Habits to Escape from Carbs, Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Low-carb diet success habitsDo you ever break your diet rules? Of course you do. We all do.
Why can’t you stick with it? Some think the key to success is willpower. But willpower is a limited resource. It won’t be sufficient to battle all temptations for months to come.
And yet, some people do succeed. They lose weight and they keep it off. How do they do it?
The latest behavioural research says your habits are the key. Once we acquire a habit, it becomes a certainty. Like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Keep reading “Ten Top Habits to Escape from Carbs, Lose Weight and Keep it Off”

Keto Flu Survival Guide

Just started on Keto or a similar low-carb diet – and feeling terrible? Constantly fighting tiredness, headaches or muscle cramps? You’ve been hit with Keto flu.

Perhaps you are thinking that Keto isn’t such a good idea after all… Don’t give up on it just yet! There are ways to get through this – and it will definitely be worth it.

You might already know that these unpleasant side effects are not uncommon – especially if you are trying Keto for the first time. Keep reading “Keto Flu Survival Guide”

7 Hard Truths about Diet Failure (and How to Cope with Them All)

Diet failure reasonsHow many times have you tried to lose weight? Do you find yourself starting over and over again, but always getting derailed?

Why does it keep going wrong, year after year?

The key to successful weight loss is not just what you do with your body. It is all in your mind.

Choosing the right diet and exercise routine is important (and low-carb is definitely easier than other types of diets).

But the most perfect plan will fail if you don’t have the right mindset.

Keep reading “7 Hard Truths about Diet Failure (and How to Cope with Them All)”

5 simple ways to avoid weighing scales blues

How to use weighing scales Many people (myself included) are obsessed with constantly tracking their progress. For some of us, social media turned this attitude into a borderline personality disorder.
When it comes to working hard to lose weight, the temptation is to weigh yourself every couple of hours.
What if you somehow lost several pounds while watching a film? Wouldn’t that be a boost to morale? Keep reading “5 simple ways to avoid weighing scales blues”

Low-carb dieting: New Year round-up

Low-carb diet - where to startHappy New Year! Partying is over now, and it’s time to go back to clean eating and exercising. As expected, I am seeing a spike in visitors to this blog, looking for advice with their New Year resolutions to lose weight.
This is a brief round-up of materials for beginners on this website, especially for these newcomers, and for any returning visitors who are restarting their low-carb diet this January. Keep reading “Low-carb dieting: New Year round-up”

Weight Loss Success: Stop Believing in Miracles

Weight loss success- no diet miraclesWith just several days to go until the end of the year, many of us will be compiling our New Year resolutions soon. As always, weight loss is bound to be one of the most popular ones.
However, it is a well-known fact that most people will ditch their diet before the end of January, only to repeat the pattern again next December.
Why does this happen, again and again, year after year? Keep reading “Weight Loss Success: Stop Believing in Miracles”