Guest post guidelines

We welcome content contributions from bloggers, writers and journalists.

All content must be relevant to our target audience. Our readers are healthy people who follow low-carb diets for weight loss. Most popular diet plans amongst our readers are Atkins and Keto.

All content proposals must be approved in advance – please contact us first before you start writing. Unapproved unsolicited drafts will not be published.

Submission process

  1. Contact us to discuss your idea – we will need your draft headline, brief description of the topic (1-2 sentences) and a few published examples of your writing. We aim to review all proposals within 2-3 working days.
  2. If your proposal is approved, write and submit your guest post. Please read our content guidelines below before writing.
  3. Content editor will review your submission within 3-5 working days. If your article does not meet our guidelines, it may be rejected. The editor may also suggest edits to your text, to be agreed before publication. Content editor’s decisions are final.
  4. If accepted, your post will be published on within 7-14 days.  
  5. We will share your post on our social media channels within a few days of publication.
  6. If there are any comments or follow-up questions from readers, we may forward these on to you.   
  7. Maximum publication frequency from the same guest author is once a month.

Content guidelines

Relevant to our target audience. Our readers are healthy people who follow low-carb diets for weight loss. Most popular diet plans amongst our readers are Atkins and Keto. We focus on content that can help our readers make their diets easier, healthier or more effective.

Original content. We publish original articles only. We run plagiarism checks on all submissions.

High-quality. Content must be informative, interesting and provide value for the reader. Our content editor will review all submissions and may refuse publication if quality standards are not met.  

Practical and useful. We aim to provide practical tips and advice that would help our readers improve their diets. Don’t include information for information’s sake. Relevant scientific studies or tests can be mentioned – but don’t cover them in detail as that’s outside of our scope.

No direct promotions. We accept entries from companies, but content must be informative in nature – not promotional. You can include links to your company website or relevant products in the bio section.

No medical advice. We do not cover low-carb diets as used to treat specific medical conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy. We do not publish content that could be interpreted as medical advice.

Examples of our articles:

8 Ways to Blast Through Keto Flu
How to Save Money on Low-Carb Foods
Best Low-Carb Sources of Vitamin C

Style guidelines

Easy to read. Articles should be easy to read. Use short simple words and short sentences. We prefer active voice to passive voice. Ideally, aim for Flesch Reading Ease of 60-70%, or Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 7.

Reader-focused. We always focus on the reader – using "you" as the subject as much as possible (instead of "we" or "they").

Tone of voice. The tone is conversational but not too informal. We want our readers to feel as if they are chatting to a friendly nutritionist – someone who is expert and professional, but also supportive and warm.

Technical guidelines

Word count. Keep the word count between 900-1200 words total.

Cover image. We will choose and provide an appropriate cover image.

Illustrative images. If required, you can include relevant graphs and charts for the body of the article, at least 650px wide, in JPG, GIF or PNG formats.

Self-promotion and hyperlinks

Promotions. The body of the article must be informative in nature – not promotional. But you can mention your website, products or social media in the bio section.

Re-publishing on your website. We ask that all guest content is written specifically for our website only. You can re-publish an extract from submitted article (up to 25%) on your own website with the link back to us.

Hyperlinks in body text. You can include up to 5 hyperlinks to other sources of relevant information in the body of the article, including links to your own website. Body text hyperlinks will be marked up as “no-follow”.  

Bio. All guest articles will feature a bio section, with short text about yourself or your company. You can include any text you like in this section, up to a word limit of 60 words. You can also add one image (photo or logo) – max size 250 x 250px.

Promotional links in bio. You can include 2 promotional hyperlinks to your website, your products or social media accounts. Bio hyperlinks will be fully-fledged. We do not mark them as “no-follow”.

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