Dukan diet

Dukan diet was developed in France by doctor Pierre Dukan over 30 years ago, but gained widespread popularity in early 2000s, since the publication of The Dukan Diet book which went on to sell over 10 million copies globally. The book was first published in the UK in 2010. The diet has since gained a number of high-profile followers in Britain, including allegedly Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge and her mother, Caroline Middleton.

In a nutshell

Dukan imposes low carb limits through protein-only days, when no carb is allowed and fat is also kept to a minimum. There are also protein/vegetables days, where salad vegetables are allowed but no starchy vegetables or other carbs. The diet kicks off with a short protein-only phase and gradually builds up to allow more vegetables and other carbs back into the diet.

  • The first one (“Attack”) lasts for 2-7 days (depending on the total amount of desired weight loss), and aims to kick-start your metabolism. Only specific protein foods are allowed during this phase. It is likely that you will lose weight very quickly at this stage, although most of it will be water.
  • The proper weight loss that would burn actual fat occurs more gradually during the second phase (“Cruise”), where protein-only days are alternated with days where both protein and vegetables are allowed.
  • The next two stages (“Consolidation” and “Stabilisation”) re-introduce other types of food and prepare you for the maintenance phase. This involves having a protein-only day every week on a permanent basis.


  • Dukan has a very simple set of rules that are easy to understand and remember. No counting of calories or grams of carbohydrates is required at all.
  • It offers some variety as the amount of vegetables on mixed days of Cruise phase is not limited, which is also likely to help healthy digestion.
  • Fat is restricted on Dukan Diet, which some dieticians believe could be better for long-term health than low-carbohydrate diets that allow high consumption of fat.


  • Protein-only days can be challenging for some people during the first two stages, and strong cravings of both carbohydrates and fats are likely during this time.
  • Strictly protein-only foods can be difficult to ensure when eating out or socialising.


Taking a daily dose of oat bran is part of Dukan diet rules, which ensures healthy digestion as it is basically fibre. Dukan does not specifically advise to take multivitamins, however, if you wish to take one, check out our Nutri-Align Multivit formula, designed exclusively for low-carb dieters.
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