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Keto Diet BookI hope you enjoyed the book 100 Best Keto Diet Tips and found it useful for your Keto Diet progress.

Here are some further materials you might want to check out – Keto recipes, food blogs, websites and books. This page will be updated regularly.

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Checking food for net carbs

USDA Food Database
The official food database from US Department of Agriculture. Mostly includes whole foods, plus a few popular food brands. Net carbs not provided – use the formula “Total Carbs – Fibre = Net Carbs” to calculate.

SELF Nutrition Data
The data also comes from USDA, but the interface is a bit more user-friendly.

Atkins Net Carbs Counter – Free PDF
Very basic, but covers many popular foods. Not interactive.

Food tracking apps with net carb counts




Keto macronutrients calculators

Keto Calculator by Perfect Keto

Keto Calculator at Ankerl.com

Keto Calculator at Ruled.me

Keto recipes blogs and websites

KetoDietApp blog


Wicked Stuffed

Diet Doctor

I Breathe I am Hungry

Keto Recipes on Foodgawker

Best blogs for Keto baking and dessert recipes

All Day I Dream About Food

Sugar-Free Mum

Low Carb Maven

Ditch the Carbs

Keto cookbooks

50 Delicious Ketogenic Recipes
50 Keto recipes by Martin Rowland

Keto Living Cookbook
101 Keto recipes by Ella Coleman

The Ketogenic Cookbook
Over 150 Keto recipes from Maria Emmerich and Jimmy Moore

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook
150 recipes by Celby Richoux

Fat Fast

Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes
Cookbook by Dana Carpender

Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook
Cookbook by Ella Coleman

Complete Guide to Fast Fast
In-depth article with recipes at KetoDietApp blog

Keto pizza crust recipes

50 Best Low-Carb Pizza Recipes via Low Carb Lab

Bone broth

How to make bone broth by Fat Burning Man

Fat bombs

Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs Coockbook: 100 Delicious Treats
Cookbook by Martina Slajerova

Keto breakfast recipes

30 Best Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes

Keto snack recipes

Keto snack recipes round-up

Exercise on Keto

Exercise performance on ketogenic diets
Overview article by Authority Nutrition

Maffetone Method
Fat loss plan combining slow running with a keto diet
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance
Book by two prominent scientists who advocate low-carb lifestyle for athletes
The Low Carb Athlete
Book by Ben Greenfield – Ironman triathlete who eats low-carb

Keto Diet multivitamins

Multivitamins bridge any potential gaps in your nutrient intake, support your health and improve your overall well-being while dieting. Specific nutrients solve common Keto problems, for example, B-vitamins and magnesium to improve energy levels.

Nutri-Align Multivit
Extra-strong multivitamin/multimineral, designed for Keto dieters, with chromium and green tea extract. Iron-free and sugar-free.

Keto Labs Core Basics (USA only)
Multivitamin plus probiotics formulation for Keto dieters

Keto Diet supplements

Co-Enzyme Q10
Co-Q10 improves energy levels and stimulates fat-burning metabolism. Recommended by Dr Atkins to speed up ketosis and push through weight loss plateaus.

Omega oils
Omega oils support heart health, reduce metabolic resistance and can help to curb sugar cravings.

L-Carnitine boosts fat-burning metabolism and helps to speed up ketosis

Psyllium husk
Psyllium husk fibre supplement ensures healthy, trouble-free digestion without any embarassing side effects

Green tea extract
Green tea extract boosts metabolism and reduces sugar cravings

Sugar-free chocolate brands

Valrhona: pure cocoa powder

Ghirardelli:  unsweetened cocoa powder and solid chocolate blocks

Low-carb flours and baking ingredients

Flours based on nuts and seeds



Erythritol (pure or mixed with Stevia extract) is the best sugar substitute for baking and cooking.

Liquid sweetener drops (Stevia extract or sucralose) work best for sweetening beverages, and making desserts that don’t require cooking.

Kitchen tools

Spiraliser tool
Handy tool for cutting zucchinis into stripes for “zoodles”
Slow cooker
Easy way to cook Keto meals with meat and vegetables
Fast cooking method for vegetables, fish and seafood

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