Is Truvia sweetener ok for low-carb diets?

Truvia on a Low-Carb DietTruvia is a granulated sugar substitute.

I have tried many sweetener brands, but finally settled on Truvia as my preferred option. I now use it in all of my low-carb recipes.

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of questions and comments about Truvia.

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Livlife low-carb bread review

livlife low-carb breadLivlife low-carb bread hit the shelves of Waitrose stores across the UK in 2013 (not currently available outside of the UK).
Backed by a major advertising campaign with the strapline “Bread is back”, it has generated a lot of publicity.
I bake low-carb bread myself all the time, so I was intrigued. I know it can be hard to get it right when baking at home, let alone to create a commercial product on this scale.
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