7 ways to cook Atkins Induction vegetables

Atkins Induction vegetablesAtkins Induction means goodbye to carb-rich side dishes such as rice or potatoes.
Instead, you can have vegetables – up to 20g of net carbs a day.
As vegetables are the main source of permitted carbs, you might actually eat more of them on Atkins than before.
If you are one of these people who never used to eat anything green, here are some tips on cooking Atkins Induction vegetables. Keep reading “7 ways to cook Atkins Induction vegetables”

Vitamins and supplements for Atkins Diet

Supplements for Atkins DietOn Atkins and wondering if you have to take supplements?

Atkins Diet has a great track record. It helped millions of people to lose weight while staying perfectly healthy. But critics claim that balanced nutrition on Atkins Diet is impossible. Could they be right?

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Dessert ideas for Atkins Induction phase

Atkins Induction Dessert Recipes

Atkins Induction is the first stage of Atkins, designed to break addictions to sugary foods and reset your metabolism.

As is the case with any addiction, the only way to wean yourself off sugar is to stop taking it.

This is an essential phase of the diet, but also the toughest one. Carb cravings are common during Induction, especially if you are trying Atkins for the first time. Keep reading “Dessert ideas for Atkins Induction phase”

Low carb side dishes – Is there a life after pasta?

Low carb vegetablesTraditional Western main meals tend to include a starchy side dish that is full or carbohydrates – potatoes, rice or pasta. Flour is used extensively in cooking, for sauces, batter and pastry cases. All these foods are loaded with carbs and so would have to go on a low-carb diet.
Avoiding these foods might seem impossible at first, but in reality it is just a matter of habit – you crave these foods not because your body needs them, but because you are used to them.
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