Sugar cravings on Keto: How to fight back with supplements

Sugar Cravings Supplements

On Keto and struggling with sugar cravings? It’s a common problem, especially in the beginning.

Keto helps to break your addiction to sugar, so some Keto dieters manage to avoid this problem. Their desire for sugar simply goes away once they are fully Keto-adapted.

But for some of us, sugar cravings continue to persist after weeks – or even months – of Keto. Keep reading “Sugar cravings on Keto: How to fight back with supplements”

Do you need supplements on your low-carb diet?

Low Carb Diet Supplements

Do you need nutritional supplements on a low-carb diet? Can they really make your weight loss easier and healthier? Or perhaps it’s all just hype, designed to make you spend megabucks on useless products.

There is no single definitive answer. There is a fair chance supplements could work for you. Millions of people get real results and tangible benefits from nutritional supplements.

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Best low-carb sources of vitamin C

Low-carb vitamin c - bell peppers

When you think of vitamins, which food comes to mind first? Is it oranges? Or perhaps apples, mangos or grapes?

Either way, I bet you are thinking of fruit.

Fruit has a great reputation. These beautiful, juicy, brightly coloured treats are supposed to be packed full of vitamins, fibre and all sorts of goodness.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Keto Diet with Multivitamins

Keto Diet MultivitaminsKeto Diet is easier than low-fat or calorie-counting diets. It lets you lose weight without going hungry.

But you might run into some problems, especially in the beginning. Sugar cravings, Keto flu, tiredness and mood swings can strike at any point.

Can you fix these problems with supplements? Scientific research confirms that you can.

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Choosing the Right Multivitamin for Your Low-Carb Diet

Low Carb MultivitaminsDo you need multivitamins to support your low-carb or Keto diet? Getting all the vitamins you need from low-carb food is possible. After all, many low-carb foods like vegetables, meat and fish are very rich in nutrients.

But covering all bases is not always easy. It requires planning and effort.

Lack of essential nutrients can derail your diet, no matter how hard you work. So most low-carb experts recommend supplementation, especially in the beginning of your diet.

A multivitamin is a cheap insurance policy against possible deficiencies. It can also make your diet easier, for example, by boosting your energy levels or helping you fight sugar cravings.

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15 ways to beat sugar cravings on a low-carb diet

sugar cravings low carb dietSugar addiction is a real thing. The effects of refined sugar on the body are similar to that of Class A drugs.

Once you are addicted, you are locked into a cycle of sugar highs followed by slumps and cravings for more, until your health starts to deteriorate (diabetes, obesity, heart problems).

Low-carb diets provide a way out of this nightmare cycle. Cutting refined sugar out of your diet for good is the only way to break the spell and get rid of the addiction for good. Keep reading “15 ways to beat sugar cravings on a low-carb diet”

Vitamins and supplements for Atkins Diet

Supplements for Atkins DietOn Atkins and wondering if you have to take supplements?

Atkins Diet has a great track record. It helped millions of people to lose weight while staying perfectly healthy. But critics claim that balanced nutrition on Atkins Diet is impossible. Could they be right?

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Green tea: Miracle drink to aid your low-carb diet

Can green tea help lose weight on a lowcarb diet?Green tea has a solid reputation as a healthy drink.
Unlike some products that are misrepresented as beneficial (sugar-loaded fruit juices, anyone?), green tea actually deserves its super-food label.
Numerous scientific studies back up health claims connected with green tea.
Some of these benefits are useful to anyone following a low-carb diet, such as Atkins, Dukan, Paleo or Keto. Keep reading “Green tea: Miracle drink to aid your low-carb diet”