Sugar cravings on Keto: How to fight back with supplements

Sugar Cravings Supplements

On Keto and struggling with sugar cravings? It’s a common problem, especially in the beginning.

Keto helps to break your addiction to sugar, so some Keto dieters manage to avoid this problem. Their desire for sugar simply goes away once they are fully Keto-adapted.

But for some of us, sugar cravings continue to persist after weeks – or even months – of Keto.

There are several ways you can fight sugar cravings. One possible solution is nutritional supplements.

Can supplements really help you beat these annoying sugar cravings?

The answer is – yes, maybe.

Supplements are not like medicines. Their effect varies from person to person because we are all different. But many Keto dieters managed to banish their sugar cravings with the right combination of supplements.

Here is a list of tried and tested products that may help you too. Some of these benefits are well-researched. Others are only anecdotal because of the lack of studies.

Please note – I included guidelines on when to consider each product. But there can never be a 100% guarantee that a supplement will work for you exactly as described. Reputable supplement brands usually have a money-back guarantee on their products, so you can try them out risk-free.

Electrolytes, especially magnesium

Best for: All Keto dieters

Electrolyte supplements – mainly magnesium, potassium and sodium – are extremely popular with Keto dieters. Experts confirm that electrolyte supplementation is definitely a good idea, especially in the beginning of Keto. Cutting our carbs means your body retains less water. So electrolytes get washed out of your system faster. This can cause immediate problems like tiredness, headaches and the infamous Keto flu.

Magnesium also plays a role in the regulation of glucose, insulin and dopamine. Magnesium deficiency is known to cause cravings for sugar and chocolate.

Supplementing electrolytes (or just magnesium on its own) can reduce your sugar cravings. It can also help with other issues like tiredness and Keto flu.

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Best for: All Keto dieters

You can get all essential vitamins from natural Keto foods like grass-fed meat, fish, low-carb veggies and nuts. But their composition would be different to a standard diet, especially if you used to follow “healthy” advice to eat plenty of fruit and whole grains. This abrupt change in the micronutrient profile can lead to sugar cravings.

Multivitamins help to bridge this gap while your body adjusts to your new Keto lifestyle. It’s like a simple insurance policy against any potential micronutrient deficiencies. Multivitamins can also improve energy levels and support your health over the long term.

When buying multivitamins, make sure they are sugar-free and zero-carb. Ideally, choose a formulation that’s designed specifically for low-carb dieters.

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Best for: Sugar junkies; Anyone taking a course of antibiotics

Our digestive systems rely on bacteria to absorb nutrients from food. One of them is Candida Albicans – a yeast bacteria that feeds on sugar. It does not cause any problems when balanced with other digestive bacteria.

But sometimes Candida gets out of hand. Antibiotics often lead to Candida overgrowth because they damage the other gut bacteria. Eating lots of sugar also stimulates Candida.

Candida overgrowth can cause persistent and strong sugar cravings. Fix this bacterial disbalance by adding other friendly digestive bacteria. A probiotic supplement is a quick and easy way to achieve this. Adding fermented foods to your diet also helps – for example, kombucha, sauerkraut, full-fat natural yoghurt and kefir.

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Green tea extract

Best for: Anyone who also struggles with appetite control and low energy

Green tea has long been a favourite amongst dieters. It has many benefits for weight loss. It can improve your energy levels, suppress appetite and boost fat-burning metabolism.

Green tea extract also helps to regulate blood glucose and insulin response. So many dieters take it to reduce sugar cravings.

Don’t take green tea extract on an empty stomach. It may cause nausea. The best time to take it is after a meal. Drinking green tea is another obvious way to get the benefits. If you decide to go for this option instead of a supplement, choose powdered matcha tea over leaf tea – it’s much more concentrated.

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Best for: Anyone with strong and persistent sugar cravings

Chromium is another trace mineral that plays a role in blood glucose regulation, as well as normal metabolism of all macronutrients. It is a very popular supplement for sugar cravings, both amongst Keto dieters and people on “standard” diets.

Chromium has other benefits for body recomposition, helping to build muscle, decrease body fat and lower cholesterol levels. Dr Atkins strongly recommended chromium to assist weight loss in his original book Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution.

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Best for: Anyone suffering from chronic stress, inflammation or digestive tract problems like leaky gut; Anyone who does a lot of exercise

Dr Atkins also recommended L-Glutamine specifically to control sugar cravings. It can help quench the cravings instantly.

Taking it on a regular basis may also reduce their frequency over the long term. It has a host of other potential benefits for health and body recomposition.

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Supplements can work – but only if you do

Hopefully, some of the products on this list will help you reduce your sugar cravings.

But please remember – supplements won’t make much difference if you don’t follow Keto guidelines and best practices.

Supplements are not magic pills. They cannot do the work for you.

The best strategy overall is to stick to your Keto diet and follow all the rules. That’s the only way you will experience its full metabolic benefits – including breaking through sugar addiction and eliminating cravings once and for all.

Good luck!

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