Low-Carb Breakfast: 30 Best Recipes

Low Carb Breakfast RecipesTraditional breakfasts are carb-fests: cereal, toasted bread, pastries, pancakes… So low-carb breakfast is more of a challenge than other meals.
This mega round-up of the best low-carb breakfast recipes from around the web is all you need.
So that you are never out of ideas first thing in the morning.  Keep reading “Low-Carb Breakfast: 30 Best Recipes”

Low-Carb Breakfast Bar

low-carb-bars4Are your mornings hectic?
They are for most of us. Getting yourself and your family ready for a new day. So many things to organise and remember. And no spare time to cook.
Quick breakfast options like cereal or toast are pure carbs. So how about making some low-carb granola bars? Great for a quick breakfast on the go. Or perhaps a mid-morning snack with your coffee.  Keep reading “Low-Carb Breakfast Bar”

Super-Simple Low-Carb Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs

Low-carb breakfastAre you bored with eggs? They are the obvious choice for a low-carb breakfast. If only they were a bit less bland.
But they are low in carbs, high in protein and fat, packed with vitamins and nutrients. So let’s not give up on eggs. Let’s make them more interesting instead.
I like to think of eggs as a base for other ingredients. Kind of like rice in Chinese cuisine, or pasta in Italian (that’s remembering my pre-low-carb days, of course). Keep reading “Super-Simple Low-Carb Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs”

Low-carb quiche with asparagus, goat cheese and Parma ham

Low carb quiche with asparagusDo you like asparagus? Some green vegetables are boring. But not asparagus!
It has a strong and interesting taste. Its carb content is low – 3g net carbs per 100g. Serving it steamed with some butter and salt is enough to make a wonderful side dish.
The perfect time to have asparagus is now, while it is in season. Keep reading “Low-carb quiche with asparagus, goat cheese and Parma ham”

Low-Carb Scotch Eggs – a Perfectly Portable Parcel of Protein

Low-Carb Scotch Eggs - perfect low-carb breakfastThe Scotch egg is an all-time classic British recipe, beloved in its homeland. If you are not from Britain, you might find it a bit baffling. But it really is a brilliant recipe. Basically, it is an egg wrapped in sausage. Simple and clever!

It comes out as a small and perfectly portable parcel of protein and fat. Ideal for a quick Keto snack, or breakfast on the go.

The traditional recipe calls for the breadcrumbs coating for the eggs. For our Keto version, we just swap breadcrumbs for almond flour, or just skip this step. Keep reading “Low-Carb Scotch Eggs – a Perfectly Portable Parcel of Protein”

Cheesy mini-omelettes

Cheesy mini omelette, zero carbsLow-carb breakfast recipes are always in high demand with beginners. As traditional Western breakfasts tend to be full of carbs, it can take a while to adjust to breakfasts without any bread or cereal.
Eggs in all forms, including omelettes, are an obvious choice. This recipe features mini-omelettes baked in the oven. This mini format allows you to make a batch and store them away in the fridge. They taste quite nice cold, or can be reheated in the microwave. Keep reading “Cheesy mini-omelettes”

Almond flour pancakes, low-carb and gluten-free

pancakeShrove Tuesday is here – time for some pancake action! If you haven’t tried making low-carb, gluten-free pancakes before, this recipe is super-simple and produces very genuine tasting pancakes.
The main substitution we need to make is to use almond flour instead of wheat flour. You might need to experiment a little with the amount of added moisture to get just the right texture (as not all almond flours are exactly the same). I use water but you can also try milk instead. Keep reading “Almond flour pancakes, low-carb and gluten-free”