Super-Simple Low-Carb Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs

Low-carb breakfastAre you bored with eggs? They are the obvious choice for a low-carb breakfast. If only they were a bit less bland.
But they are low in carbs, high in protein and fat, packed with vitamins and nutrients. So let’s not give up on eggs. Let’s make them more interesting instead.
I like to think of eggs as a base for other ingredients. Kind of like rice in Chinese cuisine, or pasta in Italian (that’s remembering my pre-low-carb days, of course).

In this post, we will look at scrambled eggs – how to make the basic version, and how to then jazz it up into something exciting.

6 reasons why scrambled eggs make a great low-carb breakfast

Is it worth the bother? Yes, there are some very good reasons to master the scrambling eggs.
1) Simplicity
Cooking doesn’t get any easier than scrambled eggs. Just whack the eggs into a frying pan and mix with a spoon. That’s pretty much it.
2) Speed
It takes about 3 minutes in total to make scrambled eggs. OK, maybe 5 minutes if you are adding lots of extra ingredients.
3) Low carb content
Eggs are naturally low in carbs – about 0.5g net carbs per one large egg.
4) Excellent nutritional profile
Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein and fat (about 6g each in a large egg), as well as vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium and iodine.
5) Versatility
Plain scrambled eggs make a good base for adding other ingredients, like smoked meat and fish, veggies and spices.
6) Value for money
Eggs are good value for money. You can get half a dozen of high-quality free-range eggs for around £2.50.

Scrambled egg basics

Use high-quality eggs
Getting the best quality eggs is crucial. Free-range and organic option is well worth the extra money. Eggs aren’t expensive anyway, so it won’t break the bank. But your breakfast will taste much better. Whereas if you use mediocre eggs, nothing will help.
Generous amount of fat
Scrambled eggs process starts with gently melting some fat in a frying pan.  Butter is the traditional choice. Coconut oil works wonderfully too. I use about a walnut-sized scoop for six eggs.
Some people advocate adding cream to the egg mixture. This result in richer and creamier mix. But the taste of eggs gets a bit overwhelmed.
Watch the texture – do not overcook
Watch your eggs as you cook them. Take the pan off the heat while they are still a little bit runny. They will continue to solidify for a bit longer.

Scrambled eggs – basic simple method

All you need is eggs, fat (like butter or coconut oil), salt and pepper. I tend to use 6 eggs to make breakfast for two people.

  • Melt a walnut-sized knob of butter or coconut oil in a frying pan, on medium-low heat
  • Lightly beat six eggs
  • Once butter is foaming, pour the eggs into the pan
  • Mix continuously with a wooden spoon for several minutes
  • Take the pan off the heat once the eggs are solidified, but still slightly runny
  • If using any toppings (see below), add them at this stage
  • Season with salt and pepper

If you want to make it even simpler, crack your eggs straight into the frying pan, and just mix them like mad.

10 ways to jazz up scrambled eggs

If you get bored with plain scrambled eggs, jazz them up with toppings.
Here are some ideas:
1) Feta cheese and chilli flakes
Add chilli flakes to the butter in the beginning, so they cook a little bit.
Add crumbled feta just before taking the eggs of the heat.
2) Prosciutto (or another ham) and cherry tomatoes
Slice ham into tiny slivers, and mix in just before taking the eggs of the heat.
Serve tomatoes on the side.
3) Smoked salmon and chives
Slice thinly and mix in with your eggs in the very end.
Or serve the salmon on a side.
4) Bell peppers and mushrooms
Fry peppers and mushrooms separately for several minutes.
Add to ready scrambled eggs and mix.
5) Spinach and cream cheese
Add both half-way through while cooking the eggs.
6) Minced beef and onion
Fry separately beforehand, mix in just before taking the eggs of the heat
7) Chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes
Fry chorizo beforehand.
Add both on top of cooked scrambled eggs.
8) Crumbled bacon and cheddar
Add both on top of cooked scrambled eggs.
9) Smoked mackerel and olives
Serve on a side.
10) Avocado
Slice avocado, season with pepper and salt.
Serve as a side for eggs.

Do you need more low-carb breakfast recipes?

Check out these great low-carb cookbooks:

Scrambled eggs - perfect low-carb breakfast - and how to jazz them up to be more exciting

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