Book review – "The Big Book of Low-Carb Recipes" by Nicola Graimes

The Big Book of Low Carb Recipes by Nicola GraimesAs indicated by the subtitle, the book contains “365 fast and fabulous dishes for sensible low-carb eating”. The book does contain precisely 365 recipes, and unlike some other diet recipe books, it  doesn’t try to cheat by counting variations of the same recipe as separate ones.
The book includes sections on breakfasts and desserts – always a bit of a challenge for low-carbers! There are some cakes and a recipe for low-carb brownies.
Nicola Graimes is an experienced cookery editor and an author of 12 cookery books. She is UK-based, so all the recipes in this book will make sense to UK readers. Some of the the included recipes include motifs of UK’s favourite ethnic cuisines, like Tandoori Chicken and Thai curries.
The recipes are definitely very simple and most of them would be reasonably easy to cook, even for a beginner.
The only criticism is that the provided count of “Carohydrate per serving” is not always precise – if the recipe calls for a generic quantity of a certain product, like “1 large onion” or “2 small courgettes”, then obviously the exact amount of carb per serving can vary.  Although we are only talking a couple of grams difference either way, it can make a difference if you are on a very low daily allowance, like Atkins Induction Phase.
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3 thoughts on “Book review – "The Big Book of Low-Carb Recipes" by Nicola Graimes”

  1. we wanted to make the Thai chicken curry recipe on page131 but could not find the instructions for the spice paste supposedly on page185, can any one help?

  2. Breakfasts are easy bacon, eggs, omelettes, 2 boiled eggs. Lunch cold chicken or ham salad, dinners are also easy, meat or fowl curry, or roasted with butternut squash, green beans, runner beans, both low carb. I make Panna Cotta, lemon or lime mousse or possets and cakes using ground almonds, but what about pastry for a lemon meringue? I am grain intolerant, so cannot make profiteroles any more. If anyone knows how to do choux pastry using almond flour, I will certainly give it a try!

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