Low-Carb Snacks

Low-Carb SnacksWhat can you snack on when on a low-carb diet?

Certainly not the stuff other people usually eat – like pastries, fruit or sweets. Don’t despair though. Many low-carb snack options are available – you just need to get used to them.

Below are some ideas for different situations, for example, when you are out and about, or when at home but don’t have time to cook.

Net carb counts and recipes are included.

Download printable list of low-carb snacks >>

Low-carb snacks, ready to eat

Finding low-carb snacks when you are out and about is the most difficult part. Here are some ideas for simple snacks you can get from most supermarkets.

1. Nuts

low-carb-snack-nuts-walnutsNuts like macadamia, Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds make a perfect low-carb snack. Avoid cashews, chestnuts and pistachios – they are higher in carbs.

Quick tip – buying nuts in bulk is cheaper than in small packets. Stock up in advance and then stash some in your bag as an emergency supply.

2-4g net carbs per 30g (1oz)

2. Cheese

cheese-selection-snackSome supermarkets stock mini-cheese portions, of 30-60g (1-2oz). Any hard cheese makes a good low-carb snack. In the UK, Cheestrings and Babybels are good choices.

0-0.5g net carbs per 30g (1oz)

3. Olives

olives-low-carb-snackOlives are naturally high in fat and low in carbs. Available from most supermarkets. They work really well together with hard cheese too.

1-2g net carbs per 60g (2oz)

4. Celery

celery-low-carbCelery is not the most exciting vegetable, but it is crunchy in a rather satisfying way. Jazz it up with blue cheese or sour cream dip.

1g net carbs per 60g (2oz)

5. Full-fat yoghurt, plain or Greek

greek-yoghurt-low-carbFull-fat yoghurt is reasonably low in carbs. Beware its sneaky low-fat brothers though – likely to be laden with sugar. Always check labels.

5-6g net carbs per 90g (3oz)

6. Cherry tomatoes

cherry-tomatoesThese lovely bite-size tomatoes are a great snack on their own, or combined with cheese, plain yoghurt or sour cream.

2g net carbs per 60g (2oz)

7. Berries

blackberriesBerries stand in for fruit on a low-carb diet. The best ones are blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

4-6g net carbs per 90g (3oz)

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8. Cold meats

low-carb-deli-meatChoose sliced whole meats such as ham or turkey breast, rather than processed or reconstructed versions. Carb counts should be close to zero.

0g net carbs

9. Prawns

prawns-low-carb-snackMany shops now sell prawns in small snack-size packs, often with a dip. Net carbs in prawns are negligible, but check the info for the dip if there is one.

0-1g net carbs per 90g (3oz)

10. Pepperoni sticks

pepperroni low-carb snackMost shops sell small pepperoni sticks. They are packed full of nasty chemicals but contain hardly any carbs. Ok choice as a last resort.

0-0.5g net carbs per stick


Low-carb snacks from specialist shops

Plan in advance to find some less common low-carb snack options online and in specialist shops. Hoard them at home for when you need a low-carb snack.

11. Biltong

biltong-low-carb-snackBiltong is a South African dried meat snack. Unlike jerky, Biltong marinade contains very little sugar.

0-3g net carbs per pack

12. Pork scratchings

pork-scratchings-pork-rinds-ketoCrispy, fatty, salty, zero-carb – what’s not to like? Pork scratchings help to fill the gap left by potato crisps. They are known as pork rinds in USA.

0g net carbs

13. Sugar-free protein shakes

protein-shakeSugar-free protein shakes taste as good as milkshakes! Jazz them up with unsweetened cocoa powder, crushed berries, cream and sweetener. Try sugar-free, low-carb protein powder by Isopure or Atkins Advantage.

1-3g net carbs per portion

14. Sugar-free chocolate

atkins-low-carb-barsYes – you can have chocolate on a low-carb diet! It’s sugar that you should avoid, not the cocoa.

For example, Cavalier Belgian chocolate has about 3-4g net carbs per 40g bar. Sugar-free candy bars are also available. Atkins range is very popular and suitable for all low-carb diets, not just Atkins.

1-4g net carbs per bar

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15. Seaweed

seaweed-sheets-low-carbThis option is novel, but seaweed is actually a “superfood”, packed with vitamins and nutrients. Available salted and dried from Asian grocers, as sushi sheets or in loose form. The taste is unusual, but nice once you get used to it.

1-5g net carbs per pack

16. Sugar-free jell-o

jello-snackSugar-free jell-o is a great low-carb snack, which will also help satisfy your sweet tooth. Make from scratch with gelatine and flavourings, or get sugar-free packets online.

0g net carbs

Low-carb snacks you can make at home quickly

Snacking is easier when you are at home. Here are some ideas for almost instant snacks.

17. Boiled eggs

boiled-eggs-low-carb-snackEggs are a perfect easy low-carb snack. Jazz them up with full-fat mayo or sour cream, or try making devilled eggs.

0.5g net carbs per egg

18. Avocado

avocado-low-carbAvocados are low in carbs and high in fat. Mash them up with a bit of salt and pepper, or make into a dessert by adding sweetener and cocoa powder instead (yes, seriously!).

2-4g net carbs per avocado

19. Tuna

tin-tuna-low-carb-high-proteinTuna is the darling of bodybuilders for its high protein content. Like any whole fish, it has zero carbs. Tuna in olive oil tastes much better than versions in water or brine.

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0g net carbs

20. Peanut butter

peanutbutter-sugarfreeSometimes, a couple of spoonfuls of unsweetened peanut butter is all you need to get you through the afternoon.
Add some sweetener like sucralose to make it into a sudden instant dessert!

1g net carbs per 1 tbsp

Low-carb snacks to make in advance

Here’s a quick round-up of low-carb snack recipes from around the web.
Make these in advance and keep in the fridge for when the snack cravings strike.

21. Mascarpone mousse

keto-mascarpone-mousseMix mascarpone (or cream cheese) with sweetener and sugar-free cocoa powder for an instant sweet low-carb snack.

Keto mascarpone mousse recipe

2g net carbs per serving

22. Flax crackers

low-carb-flax-crackersThis fantastic recipe includes 2g net carbs PER BATCH of crackers! Perfect substitute for bread- with hardly any carbs.

Rosemary and sea salt flax crackers
by Mellissa Sevigny at I Breathe I Am Hungry

0.1-0.3g net carbs per cracker

23. Low-carb cheese straws

low-carb-cheese-straws-landscape-300Make low-carb cheese straws with flax, almond flour and lots of cheese.

Low-carb cheese straws

0.2g net carbs per straw

24. Cheddar crisps

low-carb-cheddar-crispsIf you can make crisps (that’s chips if you are in USA) out of potatoes, then why not out of cheese?

Spicy Cheddar Chips

by the great low-carb recipe guru Carolyn Ketchum, at All Day I Dream About Food
0g net carbs

25. Low-carb sausage balls

low-carb-sausage-balls-landscape-recipeSausage meat with cheese, baked into a gooey ball of goodness.

Low-carb sausage balls

0.5g net carbs per ball

26. Low-carb Scotch eggs

Low-Carb Scotch Eggs - perfect low-carb breakfastBoiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat – perfect little parcel of protein and fat.

Low-carb Scotch eggs

1g net carbs per portion

27. Biscuits (cookies if you are American)

Low-carb almond biscuits - amarettiLow-carb biscuits are a great way to snack. Here are some of my recipes: amaretti almond biscuits, flourless chocolate biscuits and a savoury option – cheddar pumpkin biscuits.

0.3-1g net carbs per biscuit

28. Chocolate brownies

low-carb-gluten-free-brownies_300pxTalking of biscuits, why not try brownies too? Yes, they are also low-carb!

Low-carb brownies

2.5g net carbs per brownie

29. Parmesan puffs

low-carb-parmesan-cheese-puffsSimilar idea to cheese chips – Parmesan cheese plus egg white, fried in oil. Genius!

Parmesan puffs

0.1g-0.2g net carbs per serving

30. Courgette (zucchini) chips

baked-zucchini-chipsTalking of crisps again, courgettes can also play for a potato!

Baked zucchini chips
from Vittles and Bits blog.

2-3g net carbs per serving

Download printable list of low-carb snacks >>

Low-carb snacks for low-carb, Keto, Atkins, LCHF and Banting diets

61 thoughts on “Low-Carb Snacks”

  1. Hi,
    I just strated the Atkins 20. I’m confused. Can I eat tomatoes in phase1?
    I know it said all protein, cheese, green vegetables, and nuts/seeds.

  2. I’ve been low carb for about 10 months. I do occasionally cheat on special occasions (can you say “chocolate brunch buffet”?), but day to day, I’m pretty religious about it. I’m down about 45lbs, so about a pound a week, and my exercise regime hasn’t changed at all (and has possibly gotten worse!). I had some pretty bad physical cravings for about the first 2 weeks, but after that, it was more a matter of overcoming habit, not real cravings. I’ve got 2 folks doing it at work now too, and we share ideas, hardships (girl scout cookie season), and recipes. This site has been a great help, especially for my friends just getting started.

    1. Hi Susan, that’s a fantastic result – wow! You are so right about habits being stronger than cravings. I struggle with that too sometimes, especially when it comes to “treating yourself” with something sweet. I am very glad you found the site useful. I wish you even more continued success with your diet!

  3. Just had my first lo-carb breakfast, stumbled onto this site, feeling encouraged. Can’t wait to start feeling lighter and more energetic. Lots of great snack suggestions , wish me luck!

      1. Best of luck Lori. I just started and in 7 days I lost 4-1/2 lbs. stumbled across this site and thrilled to see all the things I can make.

        1. Carbophobic (SITE AUTHOR)

          Great results Jane – and thank you for sharing! I am so glad you are finding the site useful. Best of luck with your diet!

  4. Great low carb snack is hard boiled eggs .
    I make my hard boiled eggs for the week and then store in the fridge .
    When ready to peel I use my new Egg Stripper I purchased from HSN and it peels 5 eggs in under 10 seconds . How easy is that …
    I think there is a web site http://www.eggstripper.com
    Made my life easier

    1. That egg peeler looks great! Can’t find anywhere. I am lazy so but the peeled ready to eat organic ones at Costco

  5. I’ve been on keto for 39 days. ( 5 1/2 weeks) not one day of cheating at I’m only down 8lbs. Which all came off in the first two weeks! Why haven’t I lost any more!

    1. i would lower your calorie intake try that. because you can eat quite a bit of calories on Keto for phase 1 and 2 i would lower it to 1000 or under and increase physical activity,

  6. Bethann Ditter

    The problem I have with the low carb diet is that without some carb I can’t get going until 2 or 3pm..not very realistic..I work days again starting in 2weeks.

    1. Hi, have you tried ketogenic low-carb, like Atkins or Keto? Once you are in ketosis, your energy levels will soar. I find that my energy is consistently high now, even if I skip a meal. When on carbs, I also used to have to eat every several hours, otherwise I would be tired and hungry.

  7. I have followed a low carb diet for 8 weeks and have lost 8lb in weight – average of 1lb per week. I have not exercised as such, just walked a little bit more. I make sure that I eat between the hours of 8am or even earlier, and 6pm latest.
    When I see the scales changing so quickly, it 100pct makes up for the things I miss – bread, unhealthy munchies etc – I miss them, but my brain cuts off the food pangs when I see the scales in my mind.
    I am female, aged 62 and the baby fat around my middle was the first to go. Just make sure you never go hungry and you cant fail.

    1. Dear Sandra – what a fantastic result! Thank you for sharing your story with us. It’s really inspiring for those who are still struggling. I hope low-carb continues to work great for you!

    1. Hi Crystal,
      It really all depends on the individual – there are so many different factors at play when it comes to weight loss.
      Are you on a ketogenic diet (20g of carbs a day or less)? If yes, are you already in ketosis?

  8. This is really great information! Thanks I’ve been doing this for about 7 weeks and I’ve lost 18 lbs!

    1. What an amazing result! Well done and thank you for sharing! I hope the diet continues to work well for you 🙂

    1. Hi Kat, portion size is listed for each type of snack, unless it is zero-carb – in which case portion size doesn’t matter, as it would be zero-carb anyway.

    1. No. Low-carb is a healthy diet – provided you follow its guidelines and recommendations. It’s important to choose fresh whole foods over processed foods, and to include plenty of high-vitamin and high-fibre low-carb vegetables.
      If you have any existing health conditions, or are on any medications, definitely consult your doctor befor starting the diet.

      1. It can. It depends upon your specific dietary needs for your body. Everyone is different. Consult your physician first.

        1. I agree that everyone is different.
          However, I am not sure how a low-carb diet could harm health – IF the individual is generally in good health with no existing medical problems AND they follow the recommended low-carb best practice guidelines, such as eating lots of low-carb veggies and drinking plenty of water.
          Am I missing something obvious?

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  10. awsome ideas am going to try this along with the gym that I attend need to cut out the Bread,Rice,Potato,and pasta which has been a big part of my diet

  11. I’ve passed this snack list on to my FB friends. I offer online support groups and a lot of folks really want low carb options….I’ll refer back here as often as I can.
    Come check my page out- Give me a “LIKE” ~ I offer a lot of tips, motivation, and online support!

      1. You cant not lose any weight unless you are not following the diet correctly or not overweight. Ive lost 6 lbs in 4 days as overweight

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